One of the Chilean mine survivers to run for New York Marathon

Edison Pena is one of the miners who was trapped in the underground disaster for several months in Chile. He became famous while he jogged while he was being trapped and now it seems he will participate in Sunday’s NY City marathon after he got an invitation to watch it.

After thinking more, Edison said he will not only accept the invitation to watch the marathon but moreover, he will definitely participate to it. His story became viral worldwide and the officials decided to invite him to watch the race USDJPY as a honour guests. There were two possibilities they have thought about: either to ride in the leading vehicle or to hold the finish line tape, however none considered the Chilean will want to race the marathon. And that is the exact thing he wants to do, the Chilean consulate revealed.

Mary Wittenberg, president of the NY Road Runners, admitted that Pena will participate to this event as a runner and there is no doubt about this. Marathon organisers were thinking how to best honour him but it seems allowing him to run at the event is the best thing they can do.

Pena spent 69 days trapped underground, at nearly 800m below the Earth’s surface, along with other 32 coleagues of him. After they got rescued, the marathons officials contacted the Chilean consulate to invite Pena at their event and last week the invitation acceptance has came. Only on Monday they found out that the miner will not only observe the marathon but will also run along other contestants and everybody is anxious to see him performing at the event.

Crowds gather for the London 2012 Olympics tickets pre-registration

As a response to fake websites offering tickets for this great event, Locog, the London organizing committee announced the first ticketing for London 2012 Olympics. 150,000 people already declared their interest in buying tickets in nine hours.

Locog invited the eager public to pre-register online for the 8m Olympics tickets and 2m Paralympics tickets, issuing also a warning against fake tickets sellers on which lawyers already are pressing forex trading charges. For creating extra seats on those heavily wanted events like rowing and cycling, some sessions like beach volleyball will me made shorter.

There are available more than 300,000 tickets over what was expected for Olympics and 500,000 more for Paralympics; rumors say that the cheapest ones will come with prices around £20, price including free transport to London in the day of the event. Although this online pre-registration is only being marketed in the UK, anyone in the EU may apply for tickets, no barriers.

Locog’s chief executive, Paul Deighton stated for public that nobody can buy a ticket until 2011, anyone selling tickets until then it is a scammer and should be denounced to police. The tickets will be distributed 75% for public, 8% for sponsors and broadcasters and 4% to travel and hospitality packages resellers, while the rest will go to national Olympic associations and to the IOC.

For those who want to pre-register for a ticket, visit organizer’s website or call 0844 847 2012, provide the information requested and wait for the next spring when tickets will go on sale.

How to win a Marathon without training – move to Xiamen

Marathon, the 26 miles endurance race is one of the toughest sports in the world. Gebrselassie, the world Marathon record holder ran the 26 miles in 2 hours, 4 minutes and 26 seconds. Gebrselassie told radio 4′s Gary Richardson that when training for a race, he run over 100 miles a week, running 20 miles a day.

For some Marathon runners in Xiamen, South China running 20 miles a day or doing strenuous preparation to run a marathon is probably not their cup of tea because they have other plans as to how to complete the run. Marathon officials have disqualified more than 30 runners of the top 100 finishers in the Xiamen Marathon. Looking through video footage of the even, officials found that quite of a few of the runners deployed unsportsmanlike methods to complete their marathon.
Cheating methods deployed by in the race includes giving the timer chip to a faster runner who then ran with two chips, some got lift in vehicles for many miles during the run while other hire impostor to do the running for them.

Unlike say 100 meter sprint, Marathon which take the best sports men and women over 2 hours to complete leaves a lot of time for cheats to find a sneaky ways to gain unfair advantage, many years ago in London marathon, before time-recording chips were introduced, two runners tried to cheap by one running half of the marathon and the second completing the rest, they managed to swap their number successfully, they would have got away with it for one minor detail the cheats over looked, one of the men had moustache but the other did not, comparing the picture of the man who finished the race with a particular number with the man who started the race with the same number, official saw that he had no moustache at the start of the race but a full moustache at the end of the race.

Cheating in Marathon dates back a long time, in the 1904 Olympics, the gold medalist Fred Lorz was later found out to have has a lift in his managers car for about 11 miles of the 26 miles race.

David by name, David by deed as David Haye beats “Goliath” Nikolai Valuev

David Haye wins WBA Heavyweight boxing belt

David Haye wins WBA Heavyweight boxing belt

At 7 feet tall, Nikolai Valuev is not short of nick names in his chosen profession which is boxing, come to think of it, he will not be short of nick name in any profession he chooses as you don’t see 7 feet tall man or woman on the streets that often. Boxing promoters daubed him “Beast from the East”, others call him Man Mountain, and other yet calls him Goliath.

His sheer height and weight gives him huge advantages over his opponent. Over his opponent in the WBA heavyweight title fight today, Valuev had 11 inches height advantage and he is 7 stones heavier but David Haye, 29-year-old Londoner became the David that indeed slayed the Goliath Valuev at Nuremberg, Germany on the 7th of November on points. The three judges scored the fight 116-112, 116-112 and 114-114 to make make David Haye the new WBA heavyweight champion.

Before the match, most commentators were expecting Valuev to win the fight, most boxing fans are probably expecting a Valuev, bookmakers said there was about four times more money being placed on a Valuev win than on Haye win.

Paula Radcliffe fail to defend New York Marathon Title

Paula Radcliffe, the winner of New York Marathon in 2008 was unable to defend her title at the 2009 New York Marathon as she finished 4th. Radcliffe, was quite optimistic about her chances of winning in an interview she gave a few days before the event.

World record holder, Radcliffe, 35 clutched her left let as she hobbled past the finish line in pain.

Britain’s world record holder finished fourth and clutched the back of her left leg in pain as she came home.The race race was won by two-time Olympic 10,000m champion Derartu Tulu of Ethiopia, who was just able to keep  Russia’s Ludmila Petrova at the last half mile to the end of the race.

Paula Radcliffe was supposed to run in the Birmingham half marathon as a sort of warm up preparation for the New York Marathon, she pull out at the last minute due to tonsillitis.  In an interview she gave after r Sunday’s race, she revealed tendinitis behind her knee had started to take its toll before the halfway stage.

“I knew I was fit coming in, it felt great, then at 11 miles it just went,” Radcliffe said.

“For the last miles I was just thinking ‘just hang in there’ as long as I could. Just try to stay with them.”

Radcliffe said she had had a cortisone injection last week to help ease the problem.